The modern communication means allow operating with customers successfully, who live not only in Saint Petersburg, but also far beyond it. The companies from Russia, Germany, Latvia, Taiwan, Finland and Sweden have become our clients.

Our Services

industrial Industrial Design

The products for B2B market with elaborated ergonomics are more efficient and safer in operation, and contemporary appearance allows pushing up sales without any considerable design changes using in-place production equipment. Product engineering is carried out starting from the idea to manufacturing.

B2B solutions
object Consumer design

The raised requirements regarding esthetics, ergonomics and tactile perception shall be imposed to the goods oriented to the end consumer. The wide knowledge in the industrial technologies, materials and coatings allow us giving reasonable decisions for the product in case of small and large batches.

B2C solutions

Engineering consulting solves the whole range of tasks: from developing of the equipment and networks to strength, vibroacoustic and aerodynamic analysis. Thanks to close operation with the industrial designers, the result of the works is not only reliable and practical, but also attractive esthetically.

engineering solutions
Graphic design

The knowledge at the interface of the graphic design and engineering design allows us performing the most various challenges regarding tracking of entrance of the new product to the market or modifying the existing one, including creating of packing, site, printed materials and logo design.

visual solutions

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